Z57 Real Estate Web-site Customer Review & ‘Buyer Beware’ Comments –> READ THIS PAGE BEFORE YOU BUY!!

Smiley T. Papenfus - Signature Realty Associates - Tampa, FL - October 14, 2016

To be fair, www.z57.com made me a 5/10 Real Estate web-site - no wow factor or extra effort.  They will make as many changes as you want, but the creativity is up to you.

Their customer support & response was 7/10 (well considering this latest incident I’ve revised their rating to 1/10), but once again, it is difficult for most people to come up with creative changes to make a stand out Real Estate web-site, so I was stuck with their plain vanilla version.

I never got any quality leads that generated business from their web-site.


I switched to iHouse Web Solutions –> www.iHouseWeb.com – 866.645.7700  10am-8pm EST.

Now theirs is a totally superior and creative WOW Real Estate web-site (10/10) that they launched in record time with very little input required from me –> www.SmileyRealEstate.US.

Their customer service, support & training is also 10/10, plus their web-site is much easier to update (it mostly auto-updates).

Also, I’m saving 25% per month over what I was being charged by z57.

Z57 have required contracts specifically designed to lock-you-in and punish you financially for daring to leave (actually I had no recollection that I was even under a contract till I tried to cancel my account).

In complete contrast  iHouse is so confident of their superior product that there are no contracts - their service is month to month.

My iHouse Real Estate web-site is generating qualified leads.


Z57 ‘Buyer Beware’ Comments - my sad z57 experience & timeline - the PUBLIC needs to be WARNED

I eMailed z57 to cancel effective immediately.

Within minutes they generated a ticket number acknowledging my eMail containing the heading ‘cancel account’.

3 Days later they followed-up with a second eMail saying one of the ways to contact them is by eMail - which I’d already done - so one would presume all is good - right?

25 Days later z57 billed me for a monthly fee of $127 - I was shocked since I had eMailed them and received 2 responses.

I called them for a simple refund but they refused saying my account is still active and can only be cancelled by phone - cancellation eMails are ignored - no doubt a sly money making racket, which speaks volumes of the ethics of z57.

I asked why didn’t they respond to my ‘cancel account’ eMail with a reply that I needed to call-in to cancel - they had no response, but still refused to refund me.

TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY their ‘cancel confirmation eMail’ stipulated that I would be billed a additional $127 for the next 30 day NOTICE PERIOD per their contract that has an eSignature, which I have no recollection of ever authorizing, nor did I have a copy of the contact (& I’m meticulous with filing and keeping contracts).  Maybe z57 suddenly generated this paperwork with my eSignature and eMailed it to me - this is the thought that crossed my mind.


So, based on my negative experience, you’d serve yourself well to steer clear of z57 and go with a reputable company like iHouse.  See for yourself - look at the professional WORKING Real Estate web-site iHouse generated for me –> www.SmileyRealEstate.US (same link as above).


FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a licensed FL realtor & web-site end user.  I am not affiliated to or remunerated by any web-site company.  I wrote this review with the single motivation of informing the public about the sly business practices of z57.


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